A covenant between humanity and nature

11 Mai, 2017

This idea of a covenant is a sacred one to Catholicism, the idea of a promise between God and His people. We as stewards of God’s creation we are in a covenant with nature. This fine balance allows us to live alongside and reap the benefits the earth has to provide for us. As I reflect on what I keep hearing at Casa Velha I keep being brought back to age old concepts, of the covenant and the simple wisdom of the Seven Generations Teachings.

In the encyclical Laudato Si’, Pope Francis speaks about the connection between people and nature. We are deeply connected to the earth and that humanity is very much dependent on the earth. Without the earth and its resources humans cannot essentially exist. Our future is the future of the earth.  Pope Francis also says that every life matters, if we take care of the poorest humans we will them take care of the earth, We are called to preserve the human race. Therefore, we have a duty to each other and the earth.

The second is a teaching from the First Nations people of North America. They have had this beautiful teaching called the Seven Generations Teachings. This teaching basically embodies the idea that we leave the earth in a better way than we found it so that for the next seven generations, the earth is still fruitful and provides for all creation both humans and creatures.

Taking care of the earth is a fine balance and our call is to protect. Every living thing that moves and breaths life, is sacred and each has a lesson to teach us, whether or not our perception of those lessons are positive or negative. What matters is what we as individuals decide to do with the blessings and challenges we are presented with. How do we ensure the success of this world that has given us absolutely everything?

Maria Anat, Volunteer – Development & Peace, Canada – original here

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