Potential for the Good!

11 Mai, 2017

Sustainable living encompasses so many aspects, but importantly, we need to remember that this concept is something that everyone should strive for. It, after all, affects every single person. The degree in which it impacts people differ primarily by a simple thing such as where an individual is from and what it is that they are exposed to, whether it is the Global North or Global South, but it is not limited to this. Many times those that live in the Global North live and profit at the expense of those in Global South. This IS a very general statement, and we should NOT short change the challenges that people do face and have their own unique stories to share with the world.

All of us through our daily decisions, actively make a statement. This statement can be as simple as buying groceries at a local farmers market; to the passive blind eye we turn when we just don’t want to get involved; or when we don’t think about where the stuff we use and consume because it just has not crossed our mind. Each of these various situations I know I am guilty of making. The intention is not malicious in any way rather it may be grounded in what seems to be convenient, budgets, or simply the desire to have something.

The challenge before us is: what will our actions say about us? What kind of ecological footprint will we leave behind? Where do we place our values and how do we chose to live by them? It is important to remember not to get disappointed because at that particular moment and time a certain action is too difficult of a task to accomplish. The simple step of acknowledging our action and trying our best to live a better life is a huge step. Rather than being disappointed be inspired in the untapped potential for the good.

Maria Anat, Volunteer – Development & Peace, Canada – original here

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