Educating for the covenant between humanity and the environment

11 Mai, 2017

On Wednesday, we had many reminders of the relationship between humanity and the environment, both through the experience of nature at the beautiful Casa Velha, and through discussion and dialogue with people from many countries and backgrounds.

Casa Velha is a site that is very conducive to exploring how we can live in a right relationship with the environment, and in community with each other. There is such a beautiful diversity of experiences being discussed at this camp, and this setting certainly facilitates these exchanges.

This theme of choosing change and caring for our planet is indeed a challenging one, as we heard from a panel discussion held in the afternoon. To think of feasible alternative lifestyles and modes of production and consumption, to plan systemic and integrated change – while still remembering that all things are interconnected – is no small feat.

These words can seem intangible and hard to put into action. However, throughout the day we were able to hear some examples of ways to live simply and become more conscious of the consequences of our actions and choices on each other and the environment. This firm foundation of a more holistic and conscious lifestyle is necessary before we think that we can undertake any international development activities and external change.

It has been a wonderful experience to feel like I am a part of this international network of people. These people all have diverse backgrounds and experiences and come from many different countries, but we are all gathered here to work for a more just world.  At home in Canada, at times it can feel like we are trying to tackle problems that are so global in nature, and we are only a small group of people trying to affect such immense change. But coming here, it is so encouraging to learn about all the diverse projects that different people and organizations are working on towards sustainability.

When I return to Canada, I will be continuing to help plan the Development and Peace Youth Forum taking place in Ottawa in June. This forum will be focusing on social justice through the lens of food issues. I look forward to using my experiences here at Casa Velha to help inform the planning process for the forum. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to be here and share ideas and inspiration among this diverse group of people. Obrigada!

Selina Hunt, Volunteer – Development & Peace, Canada – original here

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